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Fast Loans for Students

Written By renie kolo on Saturday, June 9, 2012 | 2:26 AM

Fast Loans for Students

There are several sources from which students can obtained loans quickly. These sources include, private lenders, financial institutions, public lenders, banks and even some governments. The government in itself does not give out the loan, but the loan is originated by the government and is then given to the applicants/borrowers through government recognized and owned banks or agencies. The federal and state government granted loans include Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP), Stafford Loans and Perkins Loans. The Federal and state governments usually also provide Federal consolidation loans through FAFSA. The advantage of government loans is that they are the best fast loans for college students and are often considered to be bad credit loans for students. The advantages are evident in the name of the loan itself. Being Federal loans these loans are low interest loans, provided without a credit check and with a guarantor and after overview of the academic performance. These loans also happen to be quite borrower friendly. Though these loans are good federal loans, they are not available to all, which promotes students to hunt for private student loans.

Requisites to Obtain a Loan

Requisites are the terms and conditions that have to be fulfilled by you when applying for the loan. In cases where the requisites are perfect or near perfect and in good condition, there is not much of a hindrance in getting the loan. Now, we can divide the fast loans for students into two categories, namely the ones that are granted at the start of the course and the ones that are small and granted in the middle of the year for some crisis or mid-term expenditure.

The first type of loan which is granted at the start of the year is used to pay for the really expensive stuff such as the tuition fees and teachers' and universities' fees. These loans are the biggest of all the student loans and the principal amount is huge, whereas the term/time period is long and the interest/APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is quite low. The aforementioned federal loans are of this type and are granted at the start of the year. In cases where the loans are federal loans and from public lenders and banks, they are bound to be granted rather quickly, but the requisites are tough. Most of these loans are secured loans and in most of the cases the security is provided by the parents. In most of the cases, the parents act as guarantors or co-signers. Thus apart from having a security and a guardian's guarantee, the only thing that you need is some background proof and good grades. Please note that not having a credit report and credit rating is ideal as it will be a hindrance in the process of sanction.

The second type of loan is a smaller one and the principal amount that is borrowed is a small one and is granted in the middle of the year. This one is usually a cash advance loan and is required for some miscellaneous expenditures such as insurance, dorm expenditure, etc. This loan is approved really fast, within a few hours. There are no major requisites as these loans are more like unsecured loans and personal loans, hence you will need only a co-signer or a guardian to get the loan. In this type of loan, the credit score and credit report of the guarantor or co-signer is really important as the interest rate and approval depends on the report.

Overall, getting good grades, maintaining timely repayments and researching the market for good lenders will get you really good fast cash loans.

How to Apply for a Fast Loan

Getting a good student loan such as the fast loan for students is fairly easy and in case of good grades and your guardian's guarantee, your role becomes a bit easy. The best way to get the student loan that is to apply for the Federal loans. The advantages are good, to the point of being excellent and the biggest benefits include a fast and effortless approval and the very low rate of interest, which are sometimes as good as 4.50%, 5.60% and 6.00%. The public institutes can have a rate of interest which can extend to about 9% to 10%, which is quite good. Thus applying to a public institution or a bank for fast loans, mid year, is quite a good deal, as Federal loans are granted only at the term's beginning. The secondary and alternative way is private lenders who will provide these loans, very quickly, but will charge quite a heavy interest rate.

In case where you feel the need to borrow a fast loan, analyze the entire transaction and think it over. Also avoid borrowing if you can, as having loans to pay off can put you in a difficult situation after graduation and remain to be an unnecessary burden on you.

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