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Cash Loans for Unemployed

Written By renie kolo on Tuesday, July 10, 2012 | 11:36 PM

Cash Loans for Unemployed

Cash loans are known by several names and variants such as fast cash loans, quick cash loans, instant cash loans and cash advance loans. Cash loans for individuals who are unemployed or jobless is an important variant of cash loans, as it is a back bone of lending to unemployed. Such cash loans are basically lent to any person who is capable of repaying the loan.


Cash loan is a small loan that is given to a person in small denomination. The small principal amount which is forwarded to the checking account of the person gives the loan its name. The cash loan for unemployed is approved solely upon the credit report of the person and the income projection. The cash loans are basically supplied by private lenders though, nowadays a considerable number of public institutions and financial and banking companies have started giving out such loans. The approval process of such loans is simple which makes it a handy loan during cash crunches and emergencies.

Significant Features

Cash loans for unemployed have a considerable number of plus points that make it a great short term loan. Here's a small list of some such features.

The first specialty of such a loan is its speed of approval. Being a small denomination, loan lenders are not hesitant to grant people approval. You will thus find a considerable number of variants of this loan such as same day loans for unemployed, where the cash loan is granted on the same day of applying.
Owing to the speedy approval and a certain permutation of risky approvals, these loans have high interest charges that often go as high as 15% to 20%. Though this rate is deemed to be high, the total amount of interest is quite affordable.
In most cases this loan is a personal loan and an unsecured loan. However, in cases where loan is granted to people with very bad credit, it can become a secured loan. In case of cash loans with no credit check, the loan is bound to be a secured loan.
The repayment period of such a loan is short, and lasts for about a month or so. In some cases it is also extended to two months or so. Cash loans for the unemployed have quite a heavy fine, if they are defaulted or the installment is paid late.

There are some significant variants of the loan such as instant cash loans where the amount is wired to borrower's checking account as soon as the loan has been approved. Quick cash loans is another synonymous term for the same. Cash loans are also provided for bad credit and also without credit check.

If you are asking the question 'how to get loans for unemployed', well, then the lender's website and an authentic identification is all you need. The lender will go through your credit report and income status upon which the amount will be wired to your checking account.

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